Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Pretty Place

I can't believe it has been a whole week since I last posted to my blog! Last week my ds and I went home for four days to visit with my family during March break and this week the store has been incredibly busy. With our our Kick-Off to ScrapFest tomorrow and Saturday and our upcoming Spring Retreat Weekend next week, there just hasn't been much time to sit in front of the computer and put my thoughts into a blog post.

When I went onto my blog, I decided to update my header and as I don't have the time to make up a digital header, I have decided to use one of my favorite photos instead. This particular photo was taken while I was visiting Mackinac Island last summer and every time I look at it I fall into wishful thinking that someday, one day, I would have a home or cottage like this.

While we were on the island, we walked along admiring all the beautiful cottages and this particular one really caught my attention. In fact, as we walked past, it took everything in me to stay on the sidewalk and not ascend the steps and snuggle into the chair that the cat occupied.

Who could resist a white wicker rocking chair with a soft cushion on the veranda of an absolutely beautiful cottage? As I stood there and took a couple of photos, I found myself being very jealous of the priviledged cat that lived there! I wanted this to be my porch, not his!

I imagined coming home each day, climbing the slate stairs, holding onto the iron railing, walking past the watering cans and admiring the flowers in my gardens.

The pretty lace curtains on the windows would greet me and the wooden screen door would have the perfect 'squeak' as I opened it to go inside.

I could see myself inviting friends over to 'sit for a spell' on my porch. We would enjoy fresh lemonade, cookies and interesting conversation.

They would all comment on how beautiful my hollyhocks were - the color unlike any others on the island! And we would smile at all the tourists walking past, knowing that they too admired my pretty little home and wished they could live here.

Yes, all of that really went through my thoughts as I stood looking at this quaint, charming cottage. And that is why I chose this photo for my header. It takes me to a place that is pretty and peaceful. It makes me happy.


  1. Gorgeous photos!!!! Can I come visit after you move in? LOL

  2. i need to revisit the island, we often went there for school trips growing up, i havent gone back for a long time now...the pictures you captured are inviting and welcoming..i can see why you took them..

  3. It is a very pretty porch, wouldn't it be nice to curl up there with a good book too!

  4. I love it! I wouldn't have time to think any of that - I'd be too preoccupied trying to get the shot as quickly as possible, before anyone saw me taking pictures of their house... or before the kids decided to climb the steps to harass the cat! Guess it'll be a few years before I can enjoy that peaceful place! :) Have a great weekend, Joanne!

  5. I think my cottage is just a few doors down from yours!
    I love Mackinaw Island and I don't think there is a scrapbook store. hehehe!

  6. Hey Brenda! How about 'Island Girls Scrapbook Cottage' for the name of our store! (lol) We can always dream can't we?

  7. Love it!
    Hey i also was inspired to use a photo of my own for my header on my blog. Still playing around with sizing. take a peek


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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