Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Years!

This past Friday, September 11th, Carolyn and I were at the store and I was jotting something down when I looked at the date. All of a sudden it hit me! It was the 7-year Anniversary of the very first scrapbooking workshop that Carolyn and I ever did! I looked at Carolyn and said/sort of shouted, "OH MY GOSH! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS?" She replied in a rather panicky voice (thinking we had forgotten something really important), "WHAT?" I said, "It's our Anniversary!!!

Well, then we started reminiscing...

You see we started out with workshops only. That was our beginning. We had 8 in our very first workshop and by the third one, we had 16 people join us!!! From there we grew to offering a small amount of products in addition to our classes and then eventually opened our full retail store. It all sort of happened as a natural progression without set goals in mind. We just enjoyed each step along the way and moved onto the next as the timing seemed right and the opportunity presented itself. And, most importantly, we have enjoyed each step that we took!

It might seem odd that our first workshop took place on the 1-year Anniversary of 9-11, and we certainly did not plan it that way. It was just the first open date we both had and when we realized what day it was, we thought of changing it to another date. But as we talked about it, we both felt that it was in fact the perfect day to do scrapbooking. Isn't preserving our memories about our loved ones and the special times we have with them what scrapbooking is all about? And isn't life short sometimes with no warning of how or when our time here will be up? And how wonderful to be able to look back through our scrapbooks and remember those we love and the great moments we've shared.

7-years! I would not have traded any of it for anything! Carolyn has been an amazing, smart and fun person to be in business with and most importantly, I count her as my best friend!

Here's to many more!


  1. Congratulations Joanne!!!Lucky Number 7!!! I see great change and great things happening for two of my favorite friends..May you both be continued to be blessed with great friendship, blessed with success in your business and love in your families!!!

    p.s. I loved seeing the change in the photos over the years, and love the one in front of your fireplace taken at last years christmas party :)



  2. Wow what an awesome post! Looking through these photos, you guys haven't changed a bit!

  3. Oh Gosh! How come you look so good in all the photos, and I look so stupid? We have shared a lot of great times. I hope we have at least 7 more years.

  4. Happy anniversary!!!! Congratulations on 7 years!!!! Here's to 7 more and 7 more after that and then 7 more and ...

  5. congrats you I said on Carolyn's blog..the photos look like they are going in look awesome is that!

  6. Congrats on 7 years, here is to 7 more! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Congratulations Joanne and Carolyn to 7 wonderful years! I am so happy that i was there for 2 of them and now am there by a distance:) You guys have an amazing store and friendship and it inspires me so much!! Here is to 7 more!!


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