Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a Note

I don't know about you, but I would be totally lost without my day timer, my wall calendar and the notes and lists I make for myself. I often wonder how my life has become so busy that I need to have things written down or I won't know where or when I need to be at any given moment! I used to be able to remember things and know from day to day what was going on, but that was many years ago when my children were younger, I was an at-home mom and life was simpler.

Now I rely on notes to keep myself on track and to communicate to my family. Our kitchen table is the hub of our busy lives. That is where we meet for meals, which thank goodness we still eat together most nights, and you can always tell what is going on by simply looking at our table. Bills that need to be paid are put there, homework is often done there and my scrapbooking often ends up there. Keys, ipods, and groceries get dumped there. Discussions over coffee take place there. Company is often served there.

It is also the place where we leave notes for each other. I had to laugh this past week as we were a family of note makers. First I left this note for my guys because my dh was driving our son to school the next morning and they were debating who should pay for coffee on the way.

I thought I would settle the dispute with a little note and $5.00.

The next day I found this note from my son who needed me to call his drivers training school to schedule his G2 exam. Apparently, he thought a little illustration would help to get my attention.

Then my dh mentioned about three times one night that we needed to return a movie and the next morning I found this note on the table.

His art skills may leave a little to be desired, but I did get the movie back in time.

In this fast-paced age of emailing and texting, it is actually nice to see a handwritten note once in a while. Why don't you leave a note for someone special today? It might just bring a smile to their face :)


  1. Oh Jo, you are so right!
    I am doing this today... of course mine will say...please clean the toilet sweetie and I may even do a drawing! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. These are such cute notes! I must start this myself! and Dee - that picture in my mind is killing me!

  3. Ha, this makes me laugh! I leave a note for my boys everyday after school with a tiny list of little jobs to do.....you know, like empty the dishwasher, take out the recycling, put the towels in the dryer.....that sort of thing. Maybe I should do a little drawing with it and then they would look forward to the note rather than dreading it. I must try this out and see how it works.

  4. that's too cute, sometimes we leave notes to each other at home too.

  5. Oh Joanne my dh and I do notes all the time. Sometimes just little love notes in funny places like around your toothbrush or in your lunch. So special! But Dee I don't think a reminder like that would go over too well in my house!! You go girl!


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