Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I have been following Ann Voskamp's blog for some time now and I eagerly purchased her recently published book, One Thousand Gifts. This beautiful, personal account of her discovery of how to find joy in the everyday, is truly touching my soul.

She writes in the fragmented style of a poet, but her words are clear, their meaning undeniable. Everything is a gift from God, even the smallest breadcrumb, and as we give thanks we unwrap joy! Such a simple, beautiful truth.

I love that her book is not just another in the line-up of having an attitude of gratitude. It is not just about being thankful - but being thankful to God! There is a huge difference. And the difference is transforming.

I am only at the beginning of this book and I feel moved to begin my own list of 1000 gifts. 1000 things I am thankful for. And so my list begins...

1. soft, faded quilts
2. familiar smiles of those I love
3. my childhood home
4. time worn faces
5. unexpected laughter
6. morning's first light
7. songbirds
8. the warmth of the sun
9. Mom's wisdom
10. words on paper

I am thankful...

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