Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So I am work all by myself for an entire week as all of my co-workers have left me for their respective cottages. It is very busy trying to wear all the hats that we normally share and I have resorted to self-medicating with dark chocolate M&M's!!

In the meantime, I am also really missing my niece, Sarah, who stayed with us last week. It was soooo much fun to have a teenage girl around! As I am normally the only female in the house it was great to have some serious girl time for a change. It was also interesting to note all the paraphernalia that accompanies a young girl! She had a huge suitcase full of clothes (and, yes, she changed at least a couple of times a day) and all of the cosmetics & toiletries... let's just say if she lived with us she would need her own bathroom! lol

I really wanted to do a photo shoot with her and finally on Friday we had the chance. Here are a couple of the photos that I took...

Such a beautiful young girl! I am sure you will be seeing some of these photos on my scrapbook pages in the near future. Until then, M&M's anyone?


  1. Beautiful photos, Joanne!

    Get some peanut M & Ms and I'll be so there.

    Actually, you don't even have to bribe me with candy, I pretty much pop in whenever I'm able anyways. :)

  2. A scrapbook and M&M party! Sounds perfect :)
    Joanne xo

  3. What a beautiful young lady! You did a great job on the photo shoot :)


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