Monday, June 10, 2013

A Night Out

With this past month being really busy, my two sons have been waiting patiently to celebrate Mother's Day with me.  They decided that tonight would be a good time to go out to dinner as a family and just enjoy each other's company, so that is exactly what we did!

We went to a really fun place called Beertown and we had a great meal along with a sampling of some very interesting beer.

Each of us decided to get a Sampler Paddle that has 4 different beers on each.  I tried the Sweet and Light Paddle and I was pleasantly surprised at how good each of the beers were!

My paddle included a pear and apple cider, a gluten free pilsener, a citrus beer and a delicious white beer/strawberry juice blend!  Can you say yummm?

The beer was then topped off with some great food. 

We had a great time!  The beer sampling made us a bit silly, but it felt good to go out and just have fun. 

Thank you to my wonderful boys for a special evening out!  I love you both so much and I am privileged to have you call me Mom.


  1. We love beer town! Great night with the family...thanks for sharing

  2. Good you had a good time. Feels good.
    Is that the one in Cambridge? (on Hespeler?) Been wanting to try it so maybe now we will.... made me hungry just looking at the pics.

  3. THIS PLACE LOOKS AMAZING!!! Think I might have to pay trip to them sometime soon!

  4. What a great setting for a belated mothers day. It looks yummy, and I love the photo of you and your love.

  5. We actually went to the one in Waterloo! The food was delicious :)
    Joanne xo

  6. So glad you had a great time!

  7. Looks yummy! Wonderful photo of you and your hubby. Glad you got the chance to get out and (finally) enjoy Mother's Day.


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