Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little Red Wagon #264

Our Little Red Wagon challenge this week comes from Tracy.  She wants us to Layer it Up!  I am not sure what she had in mind when she chose this challenge.  Maybe she was thinking Fall and layers of clothing, or maybe she was thinking about Donkey in Shrek and his thoughts on onions and layers, or maybe she was thinking of layer cake - my favorite!  Regardless, she wants to see layers so I created this Christmas wreath with lots of layers of pine sprigs.

This project really came about by accident.  We were cleaning out some cupboards at work and we had these acrylic circles, about 8-inches in diameter, that have been around for so long that we couldn't even remember what we had them for!  For some reason when I looked at them, all I could think of was a wreath.  So at my first opportunity, out came my trusty Silhouette and I started cutting pine sprigs in varying shades of green. I placed then around the edge of the circle and my wreath started to take shape!

It is probably hard to tell, but there are 3 layers of sprigs and the top two are raised up with pop dots so there is lots of dimension.  The best part of using the acrylic circle, is that my sentiment, NOEL, looks like it is floating in the middle! I love that!

I then added a hand-made bow and some buttons and it is now ready for a place in my home over the Christmas holidays. 

We would love to see your "Layer it Up" creation.  Just pop over to Little Red Wagon and show us what you have!


  1. How awesome! Love the floating Noel - so cool! Fabulous project!

  2. Oh this is fabulous and I am curious about how many sprigs you had to cut. Love it! Gorgeous wreath.

  3. Well, Tracy, there were about 70 single sprigs! Luckily, one of the sprigs had 3 branches on it, so that cut down on the actual pieces. Kind of crazy!
    Joanne xo

  4. Very cool project. Definitely lots and lots of layers.

  5. This is awesome. I like how you turned something you didn't know what to do with into a work of art. Pretty wreath.

  6. Lots of layers I can see for sure but layers make it pretty! Hard work pays it off! Way to go!


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