Saturday, November 7, 2015

As We Speak

Learning to walk by faith, not by sight
Loving the smell of fresh cut grass - likely for the last time this year
Enjoying Adele's new song, Hello
Watching The Walking Dead - bad, I know!
Reading Winnie the Pooh for Book Club
Craving Chicken Pot Pie
Accomplishing lots on my to-do list, which is always a mile long
Thanking my brother, David, for sharing his wisdom with me
Hoping to see my family soon
Wishing for a pair of Lululemon Groove Pants
Dreaming of traveling somewhere warm
Drinking Hot Chocolate (I wish I had some marshmallows!)

What are you doing as we speak?


  1. Hi my friend, I love this post...and I am stealing the image for a similar post later this week xx

    1. I can't wait to see your list! :)
      Joanne xo

  2. Hallo Joanne,
    Dein Blog ist wunderschön und sehr interresant. Deine Layout und Karten sind sehr schön.
    Lieben Gruß Kristin von Deutschland


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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