Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bookmark Pattern

I have had quite a bit of interest in the bookmark I made for our Little Red Wagon challenge yesterday so I thought I would provide the template that I used to make it.

You can just copy the image and make it any size you want. (I didn't make mine with the curved edge - I decided to just cut it straight across the top.) Then you can decorate it any way you like!

Have fun making your own bookmarks:)


  1. Thanks Joanne! I will have to try making one of these!

  2. Your bookmark is awesome - thanks for the template. xx

  3. Thanks girl, I think I will make a few of these, you can never have too many bookmarks!

  4. thanks Joanne - I was hoping you would give us a template! Thanks to you I now know what the boys will be making for Christmas gifts! Merci encore mon amie! See you in June!

  5. thanks for this template! Timmy and I have been planning to make bookmarks!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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