Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Red Wagon #28

Happy Wednesday friends! This week's challenge at Little Red Wagon was brought to us by Deanna and she has challenged us to use brads on our creation.

For this challenge I decided to try something different and this is what I created.

I used some paper and a sticker that I had in my wagon, along with a bit of ribbon and one big, fat, paper-covered brad that I have had forever! Can you guess what it is that I made?

It is a bookmark! Isn't that clever? It is a little triangular pocket that fits neatly over the corner of your page and holds your spot in style! This little project is super easy to make and it can be really simple, like mine, or dressed up as much as you want. I also thought it would make a nice gift. I actually had my niece, Emily, who is an avid reader, in mind when I made this one.

So there you go! Why not take up the challenge this week and dig out your brads and make something awesome. As Deanna said, "Get 'em out and use 'em up!"

Thanks for looking~


  1. oh.. such a cool idea for a bookmark! I love it!

  2. brilliant idea! I love this.

  3. Oh wow, how cute is that.....if only I read books. Then I could have one for every book I own. Thanks for a great gift idea.

  4. Love it Joanne! Will have to try this out!

  5. Oh, that is just the cutest thing!!

    Andrea :)

  6. That is too adorable!!! What a neat idea!

  7. What a fab idea for a bookmark. Will definitely try this with the children at school.


  8. What a great idea Joanne! My dog eared books will love this!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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