Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spoiler Alert!

I am taking a chance by posting this before Father's Day! In the event that my dh reads this, his Father's Day gift will be spoiled. But I had to share this great idea with all of you!

I saw something similar to this on the internet and I knew I had to give it a try. It is a decorated Chinese food container with paper fortune cookies. How cool is that!

So this is what it looks like when it is all finished. I started with a plain container that I bought from 'M' (lol). Then I took the handle off, opened the container and traced the sides onto pattern paper. I cut out the paper and then glued it onto the container using Zip Dry adhesive. I then refolded it and reattached the handle.

I made up a coordinating tag that I tied to the handle with ribbon.

Then, the best part - the fortune cookies! These are made using 4" circles that you fold in a special way. I have to admit I had to try it a few times before I got it right. Luckily, my BSF (best scrapbook friend) came to my rescue and talked me through it!

I made up a fortune for each one that I added before I folded them.

So there you have it - a great Father's Day gift made with love! This would also be a fun idea for other occasions, like birthdays. You have to give it a try - uber cool!


  1. Such a perfect idea for Fathers day! I just might have to keep this concept in mind for valentines day!

  2. That is so cute...I love it!


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