Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just In Time For Easter!

We have a new little member of our family! We finally gave in and allowed our son to have a pet rabbit. He is a Lionhead Lop Bunny and his name is Ace.

I took these photos at night so the lighting is not the best, but isn't he sweet? He is super soft and all fur and he is just the friendliest bunny ever! He actually comes when you call him and he loves when you pet him or hold him.

Spencer works at a pet store and he is thrilled to actually have a pet of his own. He is even litter training Ace and so far, so good!

As much as Mr. B and I resisted having another pet, it does feel good to have a little fur ball in the house again :)


  1. ok Ace is totally adorable... we have our own bunny too... woke up this morning and saw him outside our window!!!! We have not had bunny's in a while!

  2. Hey Avril - maybe it's the Easter bunny! lol

  3. Very cute and cuddly. And his name suits him perfectly ... he looks like an "Ace".

  4. aaaaack...i love him..I'll have to bring lola over

  5. This new male in your life is pretty sweet!! How cute can a bunny get??? And how lucky your son is! Good luck with your new family pet! Hope to see some furry projects!

  6. Ace is adorable. I hope he comes to the store for another visit someday soon!


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