Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessings in the Rain

This was our first long weekend of the summer in Canada - Victoria Day!

It started out with a gloriously sunny day on Saturday, while I was working! Then yesterday and today, my days off, we had a mix of clouds, mild sprinkles, and forceful downpours! Ahhh yes, perfect weather for getting all my yard work done, which was my goal this weekend - NOT!

Oh well, despite the rain, I managed to get lots done, and while I worked I continued to count blessings...

#131. the rainbow of colors at the nursery

#132. Mr. B's hard work and patience as he indulged me in my quest to get everything done in the yard and gardens this weekend

#133. planting gerbera daisies - my all time favorite flower

#134. delighting in the beauty of one of my gerbera daisies after one of the many downpours this weekend!

#135. watching the birds in my birdbath

#136. my favorite garden shoes

#137. clay pots in all sizes

#138. rain, rain and more rain - it makes me grateful for the sun!

#139. sweet, juicy watermelon

#140. lilacs starting to bloom

May the Son shine on you this week and may your blessing be too numerous to count!


  1. Glad you enjoyed some sunshine. Those boots are too cute!

  2. Those boots are adorable... is see a great double gardening layout in these pics!

  3. The rain does make us appreciate the sun more doesn't it?
    I love those shoes too. My gardening shoes are gross!!!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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