Monday, May 9, 2011

Counting Graces

Mondays. The day I choose to share my list of gifts. My counting to 1000 with Ann and all the others who have been touched by the grace of her book. The day I publicly give thanks to Him from whom all good things flow.

#111. colorful candies in a pretty tea cup

#112. the beauty of a garden placed in a glass vase on my table - a gift from my boys for Mothers Day

#113. the first barbecue of the season

#114. one-on-one conversations with Tyler, my eldest, and appreciating his knowledge and thoughts on different subjects

#115. breathing deeply the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass for the first time this year

#116. the cup being half full rather than half empty

#117. discoveries on the beach with my bff at Grand Bend

#118. having a camera that I totally love and being able to capture life in photographs

#119. going to the movies with a fun group of friends after a long day of work

#120. quiet

May your days be blessed!


  1. Hi. I am stopping over from Multitude Mondays! That BBQ looks delish! #116, I am learning to see my life as such. #120, would love some more of that! Loved your list today!

  2. Love your list this week. Our walk on the beach was great. I am just glad that the teepee didn't fall down on me!

  3. I love this list you are doing. It's great! Those are the smarties from the movies aren't they?! Glad you were able to come to the movies with us, it was a fun night! See you soon :)

  4. Love keeping up with your list of gifts. Very inspirational and full of love!

  5. It was a fun night Veronica and yes, they are Smarties!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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