Friday, August 19, 2011

Relish Cooking Studio

My neighbour and friend, Donna-Marie, has opened her own cooking studio in Uptown Waterloo! She is a professional home-economist and has authored four best-selling cookbooks. Opening a cooking studio, where she can share her knowledge and passion for cooking, has been a long-time dream of hers and I am just thrilled for her!

She has joined forces with her friend, Maria, who is a wonderful Italian cook that has shared Donna-Maria's vision of opening a cooking studio. I am sure they will make an incredible team as they teach us how to prepare great food while having fun in the kitchen!

Their studio will offer cooking classes as well as offering top quality kitchenware, tableware, linens, accessories, cookbooks and much, much more.

Their official opening will be Monday, August 29th. Drop in to see their fantastic new cooking studio space as well as their beautiful kitchen shop. Coffee will be on and the cookie jar filled! They are located at 56 Regina Street North, Waterloo, and you can check out their web-site here!

I wish you all the best Donna-Marie and Maria! I will see you on the 29th!


  1. What a small world, I met Donna at a fashion show in the spring!I will be sure to check Relish out!

  2. This is so kewl! Def checking this out! Is she the lady I met at your Christmas tea?

  3. Yes, Dee, she is one and the same! Her classes will be very kewl! Our book club is reading The Help this month and we are doing a private evening at her studio with recipes from the book! Fun :)
    Joanne xo


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