Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Red Wagon #177

We are very excited to welcome two new Girlfriends to Little Red WagonJayne Morgan and Carolyn Wolff have joined our Design Team and we are looking forward to seeing their inspiring creations each week.

This week Jayne has posted the challenge and she has chosen Easter as her theme.  Perfect timing for some Easter creativity as we will be celebrating this special holiday in just a little over a week!

I decided to go with something other than a card for my project.  I created a sweet little Bunny Treat Holder that will be gracing our dinner table on Easter Sunday! 

I used some bright pink heart paper for the bunny's ears, and then matched it up with some cardstock for the nose and paws.  (I know it looks red in my photos, but honest, it is a deep pink!)

I had to use googly eyes to give him lots of character and don't you just love his teeth?

I filled him up with lots of peanut M&Ms - oh yummy!  So now I only need to make up 4 more and our table will be all set!

Be sure to join in the challenge at Little Red Wagon - we would love to see what you create :)


  1. 5 more, my friend. You need to make 5 more. Peanut M&Ms (my all-time fave candy) and that ubercute bunny, I'm so there. Oh, and remember I'm a lefty so I'll need to sit at a corner (or beside another lefty, of course).

    Seriously, that is the cutest thing ever....makes me a bit nostalgic....that's about how my teeth looked before a couple years of braces.

    1. I'll be your other lefty... & I too love peanut M&M's :-D

  2. Can you make it 6 more? I like peanut M&M's too and I am not picky about where I sit.

    Love this bunny! The googly eyes are perfect.

  3. Oh, make that 7 more and I'll sit between Carolyn and Jan!

    Too cute Joanne!

  4. Super cute.....what more could you want, cuteness and chocolate, a perfect combo!

  5. Wow! My dinner table will be full to capacity! I love it!!
    Joanne xo

  6. Come on!! This is awesome Joanne!! Adorable!!

  7. Sounds great JoAnn! Bring your Mom too! lol
    Joanne xo

  8. I can sit by a lefty if you want. Love the cute bunny
    and love M& M's.

  9. Too stinkin' cute!! Love it!

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