Monday, March 4, 2013

1000 Gifts

"When you are a follower of Christ and you stop counting, you've lost your way."  Ann Voskamp

I keep it on my nightstand within easy reach at the end of a day.  A reminder to pause and reflect.  To count the gifts, the many blessings in my life.  My gratitude journal is a simple black notebook; nothing fancy on the outside but filled with beauty on the inside!

- a cup of hot tea with honey
- easy laughter with friends
- the freckle on my son's nose

I continue to count.  It helps me recognize the hand of God in my life.  It helps me to recognize how small I am and how great and wonderful God is!

- my niece, Fiona's, newborn baby, Evan Richard

- a mother's heart being stretched with an unfathomable love

- the miracle of life
- the beauty of a snow covered morning
- homemade blueberry pancakes

Seeing God in the little things is simple when your heart is open.  He extends His love to every area of our life!

- sheets fresh out of the dryer
- a Rosary with heart-shaped beads (a prayer of God's love)

- pretty photo frames that hold happy memories
- my soul at peace

Will you join me in counting the gifts?  What has God gifted you with today?

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  1. Beautiful post Joanne. It is remembering to be thankful for the little things He does in our lives. I loved reading going to google that book right now.


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