Monday, March 3, 2014

Happiness Is...

...pretty mini plates! 

This set of mini plates came from my Mom's collection and I decided yesterday that it was time to take down my winter plates and display these instead.  My kitchen and my heart both need some cheering up at this time of year.  This long, cold winter just seems to have been here forever!

My mom, sisters and I all collected mini plates.  When my Mom passed away last year, we divided up her plates and one of the sets I chose was this cherry set.  It is such a sweet set and it brings joy to my heart to see them hanging in my kitchen.

Not only does this set remind me of my Mom because they came from her, but because there are cherries on them, it also makes me recall some of the great vacation times we had in Traverse City, Michigan.  It was always one of my Mom's favorite places - especially during their annual Cherry Festival in July.  There were numerous roadside stands selling fresh picked cherries and we would eat them by the bagful! Then there were the cherry pies, chocolate covered dried cherries, cherry ice cream, cherry themed decor items, and so much more! Such good times and such fond memories.

I miss my Mom and I miss the special times we would spend together during the summer months.  But her plates do put a smile on my face and lift my heart and remind me that Spring is not far away.  The snow will melt, the birds will return and the flowers in my garden will start to grow once again.  And that thought makes me very happy

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