Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mini Plates

One of my prized collections are my Mini Plates. Not too many people have heard of them, but they are a delightful collection of seasonal plates that measure about 4-inches across. My sisters started collecting them a few years ago when they found a store in Plymouth, Michigan that sells them. Of course I didn't want to be left out, so I started my own collection. I have received a couple of sets as gifts and I love giving them away as gifts as well. They come in sets of four and you can have a display rack that is vertical or horizontal. The foot print is quite narrow, so they are perfect for that little space of wall where nothing else seems to fit.

I currently have my Thanksgiving set displayed. The wording around them says, "Let us give thanks." I always put this set out for the Canadian and American Thanksgivings. The next set I will display is my Halloween set. It is sooooo cute! I will be sure to post a photo when I change to them.

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