Monday, October 6, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I think that after owning our retail store for 3 years, we have just experienced another major growth spurt in the last couple of months! Things are busy, busy, busy and even though we are loving the challenge of keeping up, every once in a while you just need to get away, to have a change of scenery and get a new perspective on things. So, this past weekend, my best scrapbook friend and I did just that. We left our work and our families behind and we took an overnight trip. We actually went to visit my sister, Mary, but we managed to sneak in some scrapbook time at a store along the way. We cropped from 4pm to midnight on Friday and did we ever have a great time. We were very inspired and we completed four double-page layouts, two great projects and a set of Christmas cards! Yes, you will probably see all of them at our store in the near future and just to whet your appetite, I am including a couple of detail images for you to view!


  1. Hi Joanne !! wow these look yummy !! thanks for popping over to my blog !! I am on with the cards and i am trying out a scallop shape i found on the christmas cheer cart, its the wreath cut in blackout so i am playing around a little with scraps first !! catch up with you both soon

  2. wow you girls must have been busy, look at you go!

  3. awesome! Sometimes small get aways are the perfect break ;)

  4. these look awesome- can't wait for the full reveal!


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