Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pretty Sweet!

I have been busy setting up my scrapbooking space in a corner of our basement (my dh says I need to clear my supplies out the dining room, office, kitchen and car!) and anyone who knows me knows that scrapbooking would not be complete without my M&M’s!! I found this beautiful china tea cup that I inherited from my maternal grandmother and thought it would make the perfect container for my candy.

Do you know how certain people make a huge impact on you and help shape who you are? Well, my grandmother was one of those people. Coming from a family with 6 children, I loved when my mom would drop me off for a couple of days to visit with my Grandma. It was so great to have some one-on-one time with her. I would follow her around like a shadow as she did her daily routine – washing her clothes in the wringer washer, working in her flower garden, sitting on the screened in porch with a cup of tea. I loved the serenity of her home and all the special attention I received from her. She was a very artistic woman who painted china dolls and tea cups, doodled while she talked on the phone (maybe that’s where I got that from) and scrapbooked! My mother recently gave me my grandmother’s scrapbooks and I consider them a prized possession. The pages are falling apart (that was before acid/lignin free) and they are mostly greeting cards she received or newspaper clippings, but what a beautiful treasure.

So now when I reach for an M&M, fond memories will surround me. Tea cups and chocolate… pretty sweet, don’t you think?


  1. Hi Joanne,

    What a lovely tribute to your Grandmother!


  2. you have a wonderful scrap space, now you just have to break it in...:P

    great memory of your grandmother too... :)

  3. The story, the picture the person - beautiful, just beautiful.



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