Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had the perfect day for Halloween this year. The temps were mild, the sky was clear and because we were still on daylight savings we could actually finish our dinner before the trick or treaters started knocking! We were expecting a large number of little goblins at our door due to the nice weather and my dh actually went and bought 3 extra bags of goodies at the last minute just to be safe. We did have quite a few trick or treaters, but not as many as we thought, so we ended up with 3 unopened bags of candy. My dh thought this was OK since the candy we had left happened to be his favorite! (I think he planned the whole thing!)

This is how our pumpkin turned out this year. We had quite a few compliments on it - even from the little kids! Maybe they were hoping it would earn them extra treats. (and it did!)

My ds went to a Halloween party and dressed like a cowboy. His funds were limited so he just bought a bandana and wore a shirt that he already had. He also had the hat and jeans so it was a quick and easy outfit to put together. I miss the days when I would sew cute costumes for my little boys and walk door to door with them... time really flies... (sigh)

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  1. time does fly, i so know what you mean, cute pumpkin too, we didnt carve one this year, i had little pumkin lights instead...much cleaner that way .... :P

    cute looking cowboy ...its amazing what kids come up with when they are on a limited budget...


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