Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a Retreat!

This past weekend we held our Fall Scrapbook Retreat and we had 140 scrapbooking guests join us! It was truly amazing to see that many women who love to scrapbook all together in one place enjoying their favorite hobby for an entire weekend. The set-up for Carolyn and I was a bit more than we imagined as we brought a whole store full of product with us, but we were ready and waiting for our friends to arrive at 1:00 pm on Friday.

By Friday evening, everyone was settled into their scrapbooking and Karan (our scrapbook friend) offered to do up a page for my sister Mary, who joined us for the weekend. I was feeling rather competitive at the time, so I told Mary I would also do a page for her and we would make it a little competition between Karan and I. We each had a school photo of one of Mary’s daughters and we could use any products that we wanted. Carolyn ended up joining forces with Karan and Mary worked with me. We had so much fun trying to keep our pages a secret and do our best on the layouts. I really admire Karan’s scrapbooking talent and I didn’t think I could compete, but I had fun pretending that I could!

Here are the finished layouts. Regardless of which one turned out better, Mary was the winner with two more beautiful pages to add to her girl’s albums!!

This is Karan and Carolyn's!

This is Mary's and mine!

Mary was very inspired so she actually went on to make up another beautiful page on her own. Way to go Mary!!


  1. Boy, those 3 layouts are so beautiful and really suit the pictures. Congrat's goes to all of you ladies for your outstanding work on them!! Wish I could have been there.
    I hope you can now rest a bit or at least catch your breath till the next wave hits:)
    Your friend,

  2. wow Joanne, i always find that layouts look much different when they are photographed,or scanned and uploaded, they both look beautiful! and yes Mary did a beautiful Job..i can see her style changing already...

    i miss her...tell her i said so when you speak with ner next

    oh its so fun to get into the compeitivie spirit isnt it, thats the most fun i have had in a long time...



Thank you for your lovely comments!

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