Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knit One?

A few months ago my friend Janet promised that she would teach me how to knit a very simple scarf. She even picked up the yarn and needles for me and said that whenever I was ready she would get me started. Month after month went by and we just never seemed to fit it in. Finally, a couple of weekends ago, at our scrapbooking retreat, I had my lesson!

I seemed to pick up the concept fairly quickly (I have knit before, but it was about 20 years ago!) and I thought I was off and running. There are only 18 stitches on the needle and it is straight knitting, nothing fancy. Plus, it is only two balls of yarn. Simple – right?

Well, here I am two weeks later, and I am really beginning to wonder if I am knitting-challenged! Poor Janet has had to fix my mistakes a number of times and even last night she graciously stopped by on her way home from work to once again remedy an ‘oops’ that I did. I am still suffering from a cold and sore throat and I thought it would be great if I could just sit and knit while I watched TV.

So there I was, feeling pretty confident as I knit my first row. Not bad – it was looking good! At the end of my second row something didn’t look quite right. As I counted the stitches, I realized I now had 19 stitches instead of 18! AAAAARRRRRGGGG! I am sure this is a very simple thing to fix if you know what you are doing, but since I don’t, down went my yarn and needles awaiting another rescue from Janet.

My ds, who saw me knitting, happened to walk by a couple of minutes later and asked, “Why is it that every time I look at your scarf it is still the same length?”

As he walked away, I wondered if an unfinished scarf could be used to strangle someone…


  1. i knit a bunch of scarves last christmas, i call them prayer scarves...you see...i choose rather carefully the yarn in wish i want to knit, and when i have chosen the person i wish to knit for, with each and every stitch...i say a prayer, prayers to protect the person im knitting the scarf for, prayers to keep them safe, keep them warm, keep them protected...

    and i believe i lost one of my bamboo knitting needles either at 2friends or in the back parking lot and i may need to start all over...

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love the colour of your scarf, good luck with that, keep going you can do it! You'll figure out how to fix your own mistakes soon, (don't give up)!! Isn't that a song?
    Your friend,

  3. What a beautiful idea Karan! I hope that the people you knit them for realize what a special gift they have received.


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