Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The decorations are up, the gifts are wrapped and the cookies are all baked. I am finally ready for this most blessed of holidays. Or am I?

The four weeks leading up to Christmas is the season of Advent; a time of spiritual preparation and waiting. In spite of the busyness of working, shopping, entertaining, etc. I have tried to set my eyes upon the great gift that Christmas is to us. In the quiet moments of the late evening or early morning hours, I have tried to focus on what Christmas is truly about.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

But, have I spent enough time preparing a place for my Savior during this holy season? I have posted a ‘Welcome’ sign on the stable of my heart, but what condition will He find it in on Christmas Day? I pray that it would be a welcoming place for the Christ Child, but will there be room for Him? Will it be too crowded with other things, worldly things?

Lord, help me make room for my Jesus…

One thing I know to be true is that Jesus truly will come into my heart when I invite Him. And regardless of the condition it is in, He will bring His light, His love and His peace and make it a worthy dwelling. I trust that He will transform the cold areas of my heart into warmth, the broken areas into wholeness, and the indifferent areas into love. It is never too late to invite Him to be born anew in us and to experience the true gift of Christmas!

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!


  1. That was beautifully said Joanne.
    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. what a beautiful way to express your faith and your love for your faith!

    It is so true, have I opened my heart? Have i accepted him as my personal saviour?

    When i see how commericalised this whole santa thing is...it upsets me...but, i need only worry about my own salvation...


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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