Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Triple Take

I had to laugh. When we went shopping on Thanksgiving weekend my two sisters and I all ended up buying the same black, grey and white scarf. It is adorable and when would the three of us ever be together where we would actually be wearing the same scarf?

Well, wouldn't you know that we all showed up at church the next day wearing our newly purchased scarf! I thought it was very funny, but Mary actually made Dianne take hers off. (Notice that she wasn't willing to take her own off!) They were sitting right next to each other and I guess Mary thought it was a bit too obvious.

Since we are all close in age, there were times when we were little that our Mom would dress us in similar clothing. I guess it was easier for her to just find one nice outfit and buy three! When you are little it really doesn't matter. In fact, it can be somewhat cute. But when you are all grown women - not so cute!

It reminded me of another time when we looked like triplets. The three of us were away for a sisters weekend one summer. Dianne and I stayed at a local Inn while Mary was staying at a cottage with some friends of hers. On Sunday morning we agreed to meet at church for Mass. As Dianne and I got ready we realized that we were both wearing tan shorts (church appropriate length!) and black t-shirt tops. We looked at each other and commented on how funny it was that we both packed the same thing to wear on Sunday. Neither of us had anything else to put on so off we went to meet Mary at church.

When we arrived, Mary pulled up, hopped out of her car and was wearing, yes, tan shorts and a black t-shirt top! After some embarrassed giggling in the parking lot and realizing we could do nothing to change our appearance, our thoughts quickly changed to more important things, like getting to our seats before Mass actually started.

Now you have to realize that this particular church is a lovely white church that probably only holds a couple hundred people and where everyone probably knows each other on a first name basis; a small white church where you might hope they wouldn't notice one stranger in tan shorts and black top, but three?

As we walked in and looked for a pew, I held my head high as if it were totally normal for three grown women to be dressed exactly the same for church on Sunday, all the while silently praying that no one would notice...


  1. my sisters and i certainly do not look as close as you and your sisters, but i can tell you of many stories similar to this one...it just reminds you how very much alike you are, as are my sisters and I....lovely story and thank you for sharing...


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