Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter's Beauty

We have had a major visit from Old Man Winter the past couple of days. Lots and lots of snow and below freezing temperatures. Really cold. You know, the kind of cold where the snow crunches under your feet when you walk. The kind of cold that makes you want to grab a blanket, sit by the fire and not move until there are signs of Spring out your window. The kind of cold that really makes you hate Winter even more than you normally do!

This morning, with fresh snow covering the 12-16 inches we already had, I decided to venture out to take some photos. As I trudged through the snow in our yard, shivering but determined, I realized that winter truly does have a beauty all it's own. Each time the sun bravely peeked out for a few seconds, there was an actual sparkle to the snow that made me appreciate the wonder of this season.

I still prefer to be inside where it is toasty warm, but Winter's beauty has me totally captivated - at least for today.


  1. Like you I appreciate the winter view but prefer to be inside knitting or reading or even scrapbooking by the fire!

  2. beautiful pictures, and i agree, winter sure does have its own beauty...amidst the freezing cold temperatures and snow squalls...


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