Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joanne Needs

This is something fun that I read on another blog recently. Go to your favorite search engine and type in your first name and the word needs. Then search. Here's what mine came up with:
  • Joanne needs a raise! (I wonder who I could talk to about that!)
  • Joanne needs more character development. She is gorgeous and has been in the background far too long. (Amen! Someone has finally noticed!)

  • Joanne needs another ‘you can do it speech’ (we all need a little encouragement from time to time, don’t we?)

  • Joanne needs scientific evidence or support of things (like how is it even possible for that many clothes to end up on my son’s bedroom floor?)

  • Joanne needs space (yes, lots and lots of space for all my scrapbooking stuff!!!)

  • Joanne needs intellectual stimulation and companionship (sounds like a lonely hearts club ad!)

  • Joanne needs help (I have been saying that for a long time!)

  • Joanne needs a holiday (I definitely will by the time Carolyn returns!!!)

  • Joanne needs an extra star (can’t have too many of those!)

Go ahead and give it a try!!! It's fun!!!!


  1. Give yourself a raise Joanne - remember when u were away Carolyn had fun being "in charge" and making executive decisions. You deserve it so go ahead - just don't be too extravagent.

  2. You are too funny Shirl! (but absolutely right!!!)

  3. LOL hey i have to try that, that looks like fun..

    and hey, are you not the person you need to talk to when you need raise...

  4. i just tried it for my name, the only thing that came up was that i needed a lobotomy fund..



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