Thursday, January 29, 2009

On-Line FNC at TSF

How is that for an encrypted title? Not too long ago, I would not have had a clue what it stands for! But I am quickly learning internet slang, initialisms and scrapbooking acronyms, so now I can actually interpret most of them.

So what is On-Line FNC at TSF? It is an On-Line Friday Night Crop at Two Scrapbook Friends. (Now you can see why I used the acronyms in my title!) The whole on-line crop idea was very foreign to me and I just couldn’t understand the whole concept of it until I actually participated in one. Two weeks ago, Two Scrapbook Friends held our first on-line crop thanks to Karan and Patti. It was a great deal of fun and I actually completed a layout that I probably would not have done otherwise!

Basically an on-line crop is just a time where you scrapbook in the comfort of your own home, but you are connected with all the other scrapbookers who are participating via the forum. The crop moderators will post challenges and games, you can chat on the forum, offer ideas, ask questions and just have a lot of fun! Plus when you complete a challenge you post a photo of it to the Layout Gallery and you are then eligible for a prize!

During the last on-line crop at TSF, we were to start around 8:00 pm (although you can join in at any time during the evening). So around 8:30 there I was, in my comfy clothes, M&M’s close by, radio on, my scrapbooking supplies all around me and my laptop next to me so I could “chat” with my on-line friends! I was so excited! Karan had posted a layout sketch and I was ready. It was my first challenge!

Here is a picture of the sketch.

This is my layout based on the sketch. I based the right-hand page on the sketch and ended up doing a double-page.

The next on-line FNC at TSF is this Friday, January 30th. Why not sign up and join us! It is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!!


  1. i love the photos you added Joanne...absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I love that layout!!!! So beautiful!!!!! I've got my list of challenges and hope to get them all done by the deadline!!!


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