Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Back

This past weekend Carolyn and I hosted our Spring Scrapbooking Retreat Weekend for 110 women and we had a fabulous time! It was very busy as we packed a lot into our 3 days away. These photos are just a sampling of what our weekend included!

An on-site store...

great demos...

fun contests...

layout challenges...


delighted winners...

amazing pages...

fabulous food...

and a Saturday night pajama party

complete with popcorn!

Even though the weather was not the best, the sun did come out and many of us were able to take a nice walk down to the beach. It was very windy out, as you can tell by the waves (and my lovely hair!), but it felt so good to see the sand and the water.

I was so happy that my sister Mary was able to join us. She is always such a welcome presence at our events as she is such a fun and extremely helpful person and our scrapbook friends always enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with her. Plus we were able to enjoy some 'sister time' as we scrapbooked together.

It really was a great weekend and we are already planning for our next retreat in the fall. Maybe you could join us!


  1. There is no way I am doing this without you!!

  2. I will definitely be there for you friend!

  3. Terrific pictures Joanne! It was fun!

  4. i had a blast, thanks for putting on another great retreat! btw, i love the pic of you on the beach!

  5. WOW - so much fun... hopefully, I can come one of these days! :)

  6. Can Patti and I join you too??

  7. Wow! Looks like so much fun!!

  8. Where are the Easter pictures of your incredbly handsome youngest brother?


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