Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach Nerd

Yep - that's me! I am a self-proclaimed beach nerd!

You might not realize it at first when you see me - I have pretty pink polish on my toes, a cute new bathing suit, a sweet little beach tote and my towel even matches my umbrella. But if you happen to be sitting near me on the beach, you would soon realize it is all a facade for a true beach nerd!

We are down in Myrtle Beach for a much needed family vacation and a couple of days ago, my dh volunteered to take our son shopping for a couple of hours while I spent some time alone on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean - soaking up the sun, enjoying a new book, listening to the waves, looking for the perfect sea shell, etc. I was really excited for this rare opportunity so I took great care to find the perfect spot on the beach. Once I was sure I found it, I set up my chair and umbrella and started to get settled when the very young and very tanned lifeguard walked over to me and informed me that I couldn't put up my umbrella in front of the city umbrellas. I had to stay behind them. I smiled at him (and thanked him for educating me on the rules of the beach) and nonchalantly packed up my large supply of beach items and moved behind the row of blue umbrellas.

Once again I found a good spot and settled in for a great time on the beach. I set up my chair, put my towel in place and did my best to put my umbrella as deep into the sand as I could. Everything was looking good, so I sat down and started to take my book out of my bag. Just then a small gust of wind came by and off went my umbrella - flying down the beach! I jumped up and ran after it, but each time I got close enough to almost grab it, off it would go again! Finally, I got within reach and I stepped on it so it wouldn't go any further. I picked it up and carried it back to my spot, noticing how many people were watching me! I just smiled and pretended I wasn't embarrassed and when I got back to my spot, I pushed it even farther into the sand and said a prayer that I wouldn't have to chase it again!

I sat down on my chair, caught my breath and decided I should put on the sun block I brought. The back of my legs burned a bit the day before when we were walking down the beach, so I wanted to protect them from any further burning. At the same time, I wanted to let the front of my legs tan a bit to catch up. So I just put lotion on the back of my legs and pulled out the new novel I brought with me. It seemed like I was finally able to sit and relax for a while, which I did and it was truly wonderful.

It wasn't until about an hour or so later that I noticed that my legs were tanning, but my knees weren't! I then realized that I must have put the sunblock on my knees by accident and I now had white knees and red legs! (Can you say nerd?) That's right, I have been walking around with white knees ever since!

So, as much as I enjoyed my alone time on the beach, I am not in a hurry to do it again. I think I need to have someone with me who can protect me from embarrassing myself - or at least share my embarrassment with me! Anyone up for a day at the beach?


  1. Funny story Joanne! I'll go to the beach with you anytime!

  2. Having lived near the ocean, I have had the opportunity to chase my own umbrella, and watch many others chasing theirs. I try to tell myself that there is no need to be embarrassed, because all those other people are probably just thanking their lucky stars that it was you and not them! Hope you have no more incidents on your vacation.

  3. Hello friend! See, you can't go anywhere without me. If I was with you, I would be the one running down the beach chasing the umbrella. Anyone watching would have a good laugh and I would be thinking they could all 'kiss my #$@ and go to @&*#'.

    Glad you are having fun....but you can come home now!

  4. You are right Carolyn! I was thinking that if you were with me, we would at least be laughing an awful lot! It actually reminded me of our ski trip! (lol) When did I become such a nerd?

  5. LOL!!! Ah, Joanne, you're not a beach nerd... you're Canadian!!! Nothing more needs to be said! :)


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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