Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chocolate Avenue!

I can't think of a better place to visit if you are a chocoholic like me than Hershey, Pennsylvania! I finally had the opportunity to stop by this wonderful little town on the way to our vacation destination this past week and all I can say is that I wanted to move there!

I actually stood on the corner of Chocolate Avenue and Cocoa Avenue and I could feel my heart pumping faster than normal.

Check out the lamp posts! They are shaped like Hershey's Kisses!

When we made it to Hershey's Chocolate World my friends were there waiting to greet me! I felt like it was a homecoming!

We did the tour that showed how all our favorite confections are made and did just a bit of shopping in the gift shop!

It was certainly a great start to our vacation. I have been trying to eat my purchases slowly - just a little each day - but it is taking a lot of self control! Hmmm, we may have to stop back there on our way home...


  1. Oh wow!!!! That's where we are thinking of going for a vacation this summer!!!!! You'll have to give me your "must sees" and recommendations!!! Hope you are having a great time!!!!

  2. Oh, yummy! I've always wanted to go there!

  3. You know, there is a hersheys chocolate factory right here in ontario, at smith falls, mind you i think all that is produced there now is the peanut butter cups, but the factory store looks much the same as the photos you have posted...and the prices are amazing...im so glad you were able to see your sweet friends...

  4. I think you have found your retirement destination. You can sit on the beach all day and eat chocolate. Two of your favourite things.

    Miss you!

  5. I was in Hershey many many years ago but I have never forgotten the smell in the store or how I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka movie when I went in the little car on the tour. Have a great holiday!

  6. A chocolate adventure, too yummy!

  7. i'e always wanted to go to Pennsylvania.... for the chocolate and the antiques!! will definitely have to fit it in one year!

  8. OH WOW Joanne! That looks like so much fun!! I will have to find this place one day! It looks like it would be a fun place to live! Like Chocolate Heaven!!!

  9. Oh, I was there last year... and I can still remember the smell... :)


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