Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Bittersweet Farewell

It happens every year at this time. I feel the coolness in the air, I see the flowers in my garden start to fade, I notice the sun going down a bit earlier each day. I know it is time to say good-bye to Summer and welcome Fall.

As a season in and of itself -I love Fall. I don't mind the cooler temperatures, I love the Fall colors, I see beauty in the mums and pumpkins. I look forward to pulling out my sweaters and jeans after a season of shorts and sandals. I enjoy a hot cup of tea in the early evening and putting on the fireplace to take the chill out of the room.

But deep inside I know that Winter, that cold, harsh season, is just around the corner. And that is part of the reason I hold onto Summer as long as I can.

This sweet little Cardinal has been visiting our yard for the past month or so. He is filling up on the bird seeds in our feeder and he seems to share my sentiments of the coming winter. I am sure that he would come inside if he could and watch as Winter comes and goes. Then when Spring graces us with it's presence, he would gladly return to the outdoors.

Please don't go Summer! But if you have to - then hurry back. We will be waiting!


  1. Are you sure summer was actually here this year?? Just kidding- I love Fall- more like indian summer I guess but I love the colours and the crisp air.

  2. Love the way your photos zoom in on the cardinal. Makes it look like he is plumping up for those winter months. lol

  3. Love the cardinal pics!!!! I personally want Summer, since we really didn't have much of one this year.

  4. We have a few cardinals that visit our backyard too! We also have a feeder and it's funny to watch the birds fight over it. I've even seen a blue jay the last few days, I'm just not quick enough with my camera!

  5. Beautiful photos friend! I share your feelings about our seasons. I like winter for a few, winter CHA, and more time to scrapbook. Other than that, I have happy to have summer all year round.

  6. I dont remember much of summer, cept maybe two weeks, where one can say "yes its summer", which is unfortuante for us Ontarians...i do have to say, that poor cardinal, looks like he is hoping for warmer weather soon, his ruffled feathers look as though they have seen too much cooler weather...


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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