Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

I worked a full day on Halloween and when I got home shortly after 5:00pm, my dh and son proudly announced that they saved a pumpkin for me to carve. As sweet as that was, the last thing I wanted to do was carve a pumpkin. I was tired and hungry and I knew the neighborhood Trick or Treaters would be coming very soon. So I did what any tired and hungry person would do in my situation - I grumbled and complained! But I also gave in and carved the pumpkin.

My son got me started by suggesting a couple of ideas, like a spider or a haunted house. I thanked him for his elaborate and complicated ideas and then I carved a 5-minute happy face instead.

With a hat on top and a candle inside, it didn't look too bad. And I will admit, it put a smile on my face and got me in the spirit of Halloween.

Spencer went out trick or treating with a couple of his friends, even though I tried to explain to him that once you started driving a car you were a little too old to go out begging for candy. He did say that a lot of his friends were just going to go and buy their own candy from the store, but "Why do that when you can just dress up, have fun and get it for free!"

So, of course he went. He was dressed as a Woopie cushion (how to make a mother proud!) and his friends were a cupcake with a cherry on top and a paper bag princess - very adorable.

When he returned home later that evening he dumped his pillowcase full of candy on the table and started sorting everything.

As he did, he told us all the funny stories of the different houses he went to and some of the comments they got. It sounded like everyone enjoyed seeing some older 'children' having a good time and it made me realize that life is what you make of it. Carving a 5-minute pumpkin or still trick-or-treating when you are 16, a decision to have fun and enjoy the day can make all the difference.

Have a good one!


  1. I agree. I believe that all these things keep you young. I say you and I dress up next year and head much candy do you think we would get?

  2. I know! We could go out as Two Scrapbook Friends! (lol)

  3. So glad your halloween turned out to be fun! Hey, could I get in on the trick or treating action too?

  4. Of course you can come along Rosanne! The more the merrier!


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