Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Guest Room

I love when my family comes for a visit. Since they all live out of town, it always involves an overnight stay. Sometimes I envy people who live in the same area as their family, where visits don't involve the planning and traveling that it takes when you live far apart. On the other hand, it is wonderful to anticipate seeing each other after a length of time, and once you are together, you can enjoy each others company well into the night if you wish, without the worry of having to drive home.

My sister and nieces will be arriving on Friday for the weekend and I am really looking forward to seeing them. In anticipation of their arrival, I have been preparing our guest room. It is not a large or fancy room, but it has some special touches that make it warm and comfortable.

The colors are a soft blue and taupe with just a hint of pink. A nice soothing combination.

I have also added a couple of special pieces that I just love. This little iron bird bath is one of my favorites! Purchased in St. Jacobs, it sits atop an antique secretary desk - the first piece of furniture I bought on my own when I was still living at home before I got married.

Another favorite is my little painted chair. It was originally owned by my husband's parents and it used to be painted brown. One summer, I decided that a nice coat of white paint would look perfect on it. It has worn a little as it often spends time on our front porch, but in the winter months, I love to bring it inside. It now has a special place in our guest room.

I am really looking forward to visiting with Mary and her girls. I am looking forward to some girl time, late night talks, shopping at the Mercantile, trying a new recipe for dinner, renting a good movie, and sharing a Christmas Tea. Safe travels Mary, the door is open...


  1. It looks and sounds so comforting and welcoming Joanne!

  2. you sure do have a knack for decorating and i love that bird bath...thank you for sharing a piece of your home...

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I hope you, Mary and the girls have a great time! I will be with my sisters and cousins (all girls) this Christmas and I can't wait for the girl talk! I think I may suggest a Christmas tea to them - it sounds so nice! Say hi to Mary for me!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Tania - have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Let me know if you do a Christmas Tea. I will say HI to Mary for you.

  5. wow, if I ever need a get-a-way of my own..I am so going to call you up!! Very nice!! Mary is very fortunate to have such a loving sister like you! Enjoy you time together.


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