Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feathered Friends

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

I like that quote. I also like birds. I don't know when I first became fascinated by birds. As I think back, I know I was always aware of the beautiful chirping of birds even as a young girl. Then I remember seeing a picture of St. Francis for the first time with the birds happily perched on his hands and shoulders and wishing I could elicit the same trust with the birds in my back yard. (Sadly, it has never happened.) And let's not forget Disney's Snow White with the birds who loved her singing!

Over the years I have actually collected a few special birds that are now part of my home decor. The first was on a sweet little basket that I inherited from my Mother-in law. It is hand painted, with a beautiful little bird, and I absolutely adore it.

The next one I received was from my Mom. Her family always had the tradition of putting a bird on their Christmas tree each year. So one Christmas a few years back, she gave each of us - her children - a bird to put on our own tree. I like it so much, that during the rest of the year it is perched on a lamp next to my computer. This way I can enjoy it every day!

Then I have picked up a few of my own birds along the way. For some reason I just can't resist these sweet little things when I see them in a store!

Last month when my sister and neice were visiting, we went to the Conestogo Mercantile. It is a delightful store that carries an eclectic mix of interesting items. We walked into one of the rooms and found these extravagant birds!

My niece and I had fun checking them all out and deciding who the birds reminded us of (people in our family!) and which ones we liked the best.

How amazing are they? I didn't buy one, but I could imagine how stunning a tree full of them would look!

Beautiful feathered friends. Oh, I wish it were Spring...


  1. You have a nice collection of birds!TFS

  2. Hi Joanne,
    I have to say that since we moved out to the forest we have also been enjoying birds more than ever. We have a great selelction of winter birds, and this Chirstmas, at my parents house, the boys had chickadees eat out of their hands! Their little faces lit up when they landed in their hands - it was pricless. There is something magical about birds - we love them too!

  3. I love all your pretty birds...must have been hard to leave those lovely ones at the store! And yes... I too wish spring were here! However... I get to enjoy a multitude of birds out my kitchen window every day... we had a red bellied woodpecker today and a flicker not too long ago!

  4. Oh Tania! Maybe I should be hanging out with your boys!

  5. Flickers are so pretty Avril! I often hear chickadees throughout the winter, but I don't see them!

  6. I love birds too Joanne! Last year I bought a set of 2 dozen little clip on birds for my Christmas tree. They have real feathers and are so cute!


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