Monday, January 9, 2012

Counting Grace

These past couple of weeks have been filled with grace as we celebrated Christmas with family and friends and then welcomed the New Year - 2012!

A new year is a perfect time to look back on the previous year and see all the blessings and it is also a good time to look ahead in anticipation of all the hope that a new year holds. I have been spending time doing both. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to! My heart overflows! Will you join me with Ann in counting the gifts this year?

I continue my list with joy in my heart...

#262. quiet moments of prayer when the world around me disappears and my heart is touched by God

#263. unhurried days between Christmas and New Years

#264. my Mom and her faithfulness in praying for others

#265. the blessing of Nolan's first Christmas

#266. special gifts in small packages

#267. family gift-giving traditions that make us laugh

#268. the Christmas bell on our dinner table (a special keepsake from my husband's parents)

#269. safe travels over the holidays

#270. time to be creative

#271. when the joy of giving is greater than the joy of receiving

#272. a new year filled with endless possibilities

#273. feeling close to my family even though we are hundreds of miles apart

#274. knowing that 'hope' is my word for 2012

(photo from Ann Voskamp)

Please join me in counting the gifts and recognizing the grace! A pen, a notebook and a few moments each day will bring undiscovered joy to your life! May you be blessed.


  1. I also enjoyed many unhurried days between Christmas and New Years. It was wonderful! Nolan is so adorable. That Christmas bell is fantastic. What a great keepsake! Hope is a great 2012 word. You have a wonderful list of gifts!

  2. Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays...

    We also were blessed with what we call "lazy days" during Christmas break. We enjoyed each other, visits from family and friends as well as sleeping in:))

    I enjoyed my visit today!

  3. What a beautiful post! Prayer is a powerful thing and I love that your mother is a faithful prayer warrior. Counting my thousand blessings along with you this year.......

  4. Beautiful blessings Joanne. I just thing Nolan is the sweetest.


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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