Monday, January 16, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

"What if finding love is as simple as recording 1000 gifts?" Ann Voskamp

Counting the gifts from His heart is a counting of all the ways that He loves me! My love list continues...

#275. sunshine on a cold, January day

#276. friends that understand and care when you have a bad day

#277. cozy new socks

#278. a special Rosary that was brought back from the Holy Land by a good friend

#279. my favorite tea pot - a gift from my boys

#280. songs on the radio that make you want to sing

#281. an evening out with good friends

#282. having a job that I totally love

#283. turning on the fireplace at night and watching the room transform with its light and warmth

#284. the peace that is at the very root of my being - God's beautiful gift!

#285. my iPad that I use everyday

#286. hot chocolate on a cold day

#287. reading a good book late at night while Mr B sleeps soundly at my side


  1. Joining you from Ann's place. I like to visit a few blogs that post near mine. Loving your sweet list of gratitudes. Especially
    279, 280 and 286. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for visiting me ~ and you have a beautiful list!

  3. You know I am always there for you girl!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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