Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cookie Pops!

This weekend I will be heading home to help my niece and sister run a booth at a fundraiser for their church. It is going to be a huge venue with lots of upscale retailers being represented (i.e. jewelry stores, purse stores, etc.) as well as individual vendors. My sister and niece are making and selling gourmet pretzels and caramel apples.

These are a couple of photos of some preztels and apples that they made for my niece's bridal shower last summer. They are absolutely beautiful to look at and incredibly tasty!

So being the nice person that I am (?) I offered to make some gourmet Oreo cookie pops to add to their booth. In the last couple of days, I have made about 200 of them, which I have to say was not an easy task. There are about 500 steps in making them (OK - I am exaggerating a bit, but it feels like 500 steps!) and after about cookie pop number 40, I wanted to take the sucker sticks and poke them into my eyes! (lol)

This is how some of them look prior to packaging. Each one will go into a little cellophane bag and will be tied with a gold twist-tie. I hope that they sell well!

My sister, Dianne, has been working non-stop to help organize this event as well as make her pretzels and apples. This is an email that she sent me around 5:30 this morning...

"I'm delirious, sleep deprived, excited, nuts.... no not nuts. I need to buy nuts. It's on my list. Not on my work list. My personal list. To do after my work list. Which I will do first after I go to work. Then to the store. Then home to clean and make 400 pretzels and apples, decide what to wear, sleep, and look good! Is it possible? YEEEEK! And shopping! Can't wait. What will I buy first. We will tag team for the best items. Each take an aisle and get there first! Pretzels. I think I hate pretzels. No I don't. Where did that thought come from? I really love making my pretzels, Love. Love. Love. All you need is love, da, da, da, da. All you need is love, da, da, da, da, da. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Come on now, hum with me. All you need is love, da, da, da, da!"

She said she has been up since 4:00 am, after going to sleep around midnight, so I can understand her craziness! She is such a funny and goofy person at the best of times, so I can only imagine how silly she is with just a few hours of sleep. Oh well, I am sure that everything will get done and it will be a huge success! But, say a prayer for us, just in case :)


  1. Mmm... these look totally delicous!

  2. I bet it will go well, those goodies look delicious! Your sister is pretty funny too!

  3. Wow these look awesome Joanne!

  4. yum yum yum!

    We had caramel apples as a favour at our wedding, my absolute fave!!

    Good luck with the sale!


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