Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thankful Heart and Cozy PJ's

We returned yesterday from a trip home to spend Thanksgiving with my family. As usual, it was wonderful to reconnect with everyone and to share a fabulous turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

After dinner, we went around the table and each of us gave voice to the things in our life that we are most thankful for. While we each had our own personal list (new beginnings, turkey dinners, shopping, chocolate, etc.) the overall theme was certainly the same for all - family, health, faith. It was the first time we went around the table like that, and it was nice to hear each family member (from my 5-year-old nephew to my 82-year-old mother) share their heart.

The next morning, bright and early (4:00am to be exact!) we were at the mall shopping for bargains. We shopped until about noon and we picked up a number of Christmas gifts at incredibly low prices.

The only thing that I splurged on for myself, was an adorable pair of cozy PJ pants from Aerie. When I saw the Christmassy looking patchwork bottoms, I fell in love!

With the weather turning colder and Christmas just around the corner, I thought that I had better buy them in order to stay nice and warm. Plus, I will look really cute in them for our Christmas morning gift-opening photos! (Yes, it all comes down to scrapbooking! lol)


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