Friday, May 15, 2009


Our scrapbook friends have coined a new phrase - 'Gerberized'. It all started at our retreat weekend this Spring. You see, Karan Gerber, our very talented page designer, has a very specific style which many of us love. So at the retreat, if someone was working on a layout and felt that it needed something more, we said it needed to be 'Gerberized'. It needed that extra touch or detail similiar to what Karan would do; a group of something here, some distressing there, a chipboard element.

So as I was working on a layout the past couple of days, I started thinking that I needed to Gerberize it. First, I copied Karan's ruffle sewing, which was so much fun to do.

I also used some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist on cardstock for a very cool effect!

I can't show you the entire layout just yet - it may become a class at your favorite store - but I love how it all came together. Thanks Karan for your inspiration and for sharing your talents with us! I love 'Gerberizing' my layouts!!!


  1. wow...i cant say how heartwarming this post is to me...I love to share my passion for my hobby...and i am so verry happy to be sharing it with you...and heartfelt thanks to Tanya....for her coining the initial phrase...

  2. Hi Joanne!

    Love the spritzing effect. A quick question - what do you use for sewing? Is there a handy tool or just the old fashioned sewing machine?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Christine! Just a good old-fashioned sewing machine is what I used. No special settings - just ran the paper through it and it worked great!

  4. I love the word, "Gerberized" I believe I will use this word from now and on with Sharlene! (giggling)

  5. Great word -- Gerberized!!!!!!! Love the peek at your layout!!!!!! Looks fabulous!!!!

  6. Hi Joanne,

    I may have coined the phrase Gerberized, but you have taken it to a whole other level! Your layouts are as beautiful as Karan's. You both do great work. I have also Gerberized some of my layouts by doing a lot more cutting! Thank you both for such great inspirations!

    I will miss you very much!


  7. aaah yes...she is pretty fab isn't she!!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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