Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Day in the Garden

This past Sunday was a glorious day! After a long winter I was finally able to spend some time in my garden!

I love gardening. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic to be that close to nature.

So, after church and a nice lunch, I donned my new pair of garden shoes (gotta love them!), put on my gardening gloves, grabbed my tools and headed out to our yard.

I dug in the dirt, filled the bird bath and pulled some weeds.

I filled my bird feeders, put out my garden statues and brought my flower pots out of storage. The lawn furniture and garden swing made there way onto the patio and we ended the day by barbecuing some chicken for dinner!

I also got dirt under my nails, got stung by a bee, was chased by a bird (I clearly got too close to her nest), was attacked by a bush (I have the scratches to prove it), made a colony of red ants very angry and sprained/bruised my foot while shoveling. Plus, I could barely move the next day. Ahh... gardening! Almost heaven!


  1. i havent brough out my patio furniture yet, that may not happen until after the long weekend in may...i love gardening too, but so far this spring, hubby has tended to it, so im looking forward to some blooms your little bunny

  2. I too find gardening very therapuetic, only wishing there were more hours to do it! Despite the bumps and sore muscles it looks so beautiful and is so rewarding.

  3. Cute boots. Only you would have cute garden boots. Your gardens will look great, and so will you!


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