Thursday, June 11, 2009

Country Gardens

I finally made it out to my favorite nursery last week to pick up some annuals for my garden. St. Jacobs Country Gardens is my great little find. It just opened a couple of years ago and it has become my favorite place to go in the spring. It is actually a small nursery by most standards, but it has a quaint charm that I look forward to visiting each year.

Like most nurseries in the spring, the rows and rows of flowers with their stunning colors, almost takes my breath away! With all the flowers neatly lined up and with hundreds of hanging baskets overhead, I feel like I have stepped into a magical place. I usually walk through the door and just stop for a moment to try to take it all in and then I proceed to walk up and down each and every row to make sure I don't miss anything.

This year I took my camera along. The thought of taking pictures was almost as exciting as buying my flowers! I am sure some people wondered who I was and what I was doing - but I was in my own little world of photo opportunity.

In addition to the flowers, they have a delightful little area with all sorts of unique items.

Everything from gorgeous planters...

to brightly colored flower pots...

to a bright orange watering can (how cute is that?)!

They say that God is closer to one in a garden than anywhere else on earth. I don't know if that is exactly true, but being in a garden and taking in all the colors, the varieties and the details of the flowers, certainly is one of life's sweet delights. It is easy to get lost in the wonder of God's creation when you are surrounded by such beauty and the intricacies of each flower.

We should all try to take the time to stop and smell the roses... or the geraniums, or the petunias, or the impatiens! It does a soul good!


  1. coloue does amazing things to ones the photos you captured...God has surely painted a rainbow of colours with his floral creations...what a delightful for us to be closer to him..

  2. I love your photos!!!!! I think I may have to check this place out, just for the sheer beauty!!! Thanks Joanne for bringing this beautiful place to my attention.

  3. Joanne, you've captured some real beauty in your photos. Being around flowers, working in my gardens outside, even weeding ... brings such peace to my life. Glad they do the same for you.
    Lori S.

  4. Oh Joanne, I missed you again, so sorry friend!~~Love the pictures, what a great idea. I love working at SJCG, very therapeutic for me. But I have truly missed scrapbooking. 4 days off for me now~~2 days gardening and 2 days scrapbooking for sure.


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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