Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Baby Is 16!

Today is the first day of Summer, Father's Day and, most significantly for me, Spencer's 16th birthday!

When your oldest child reaches certain milestones (their first tooth, the first day of school, turning 13, turning 16, graduating from High School, turning 21!) we mark those days with pride and a joy that they are growing up. When your youngest reaches those same milestones it seems to be significant in a different way. That same pride and joy is there, but you know that there will be no one to follow him. It is a bitter-sweet moment.

I am sure that if we could, many of us would freeze time at certain stages in our children's lives. This would be one of those times for me. I have a 16-year-old that is a true joy! He is caring, bright, funny and he has a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday Bud! May there be many more!


  1. Happy Birthday Spencer!! Hope you had a really super day!! 16 and driving soon, have a great time.

  2. Oh Joanne! That was a wonderful post!! Happy Birthday Spencer!

  3. You are right, he is one of the nicest 16 year olds around. You and Wayne should be really proud!

  4. we should take that kid shopping in all his pictures he's wearing the same shirt..oops I'm still wearing the same shirt that I was wearing when he was born..ah a chip off the old block


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