Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First Craft It Forward!

Remember my Craft It Forward post? Well, I was finally able to finish and give away my first project.

I decided for my projects, that I didn't want to do something scrapbooking related - that would be expected. Instead, I pulled out my sewing machine and decided to try making a cute tote bag! I made up my own pattern and bought some really bright canvas material when I was home in Michigan a couple of months ago.

This is my finished tote and Lynn W. was the (I have to say - very happy!) recipient.

Lynn had lent me some Jodi Picoult books and when I returned them I put them in this tote. I even gave her a thank-you card that I made!

It feels good to be crafting in different ways and it feels good to give something I made to a special friend. I am looking forward to deciding what my next Craft It Forward will be! It could be another tote - or possibly something different. Hmmm....


  1. That looks fabulous Joanne!!!!! I'm sure Lynn W. loved it!!! You are so talented!!!!

  2. I love my tote and have be happily showing it off to everyone. Thank you friend for such a great present!

  3. Love love love it!! (So...was it fun to be sewing again?) Great job!

  4. What a cute tote! Love the bright colors!

  5. A very cool tote, nice work Joanne and congrat's Lynn. That is special.

  6. love the tote...but...really....PINK!!!!!

    lol, sorry friend had to say that...


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