Monday, August 10, 2009


We just completed a great 'survivor-like' challenge on the TSF Forum - Scrappers Island - and it was really fun watching the competition and chatting with all the participants. Whenever someone got 'voted off' the Island, they had to then join us (the Tribal Chiefs and other exiled members) on Exile Island. We kept telling the newcomers to Exile Island that they needed to bring more rum for the punch, chocolate, sunscreen, etc. I also mentioned at some point that they could find me in the cabana with the four-poster bed and wide-screen TV, but not to tell Carolyn because she thought I was in the pup tent next to hers!

I started thinking about camping, something I used to do very regularly, and realized that it was really not something I would enjoy doing ever again. That is, of course, unless it could be done in complete comfort. Then I remembered watching a show once all about glamping.

Glamping is a type of camping that includes expensive equipment, fine foods and other luxuries! The word glamping, is a combination of glamor and camping. Sounds good to me! So I went on-line to find out more about it - OMGosh!!! Now this is my type of camping!

Real beds, plush pillows, warm blankets, fine wine, fresh flowers, etc.

I hate to admit it, but I really am at a stage in my life where sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag would be almost equivalent to having my teeth pulled! It does not appeal to me at all. But, if I could stay in one of these tents... now that I would consider!

I would imagine that this type of camping would be quite expensive and I am sure that I would never have the opportunity to actually do it. But it is fun to imagine a life-style where it would be a possibility.

On the other hand, if I had a cute little tent like this -

with a nice air-bed, I just might consider giving regular camping a try again!

Or not!


  1. I think glamping is the way for me --- no cute pup tents for this girl LOL!!!

  2. oh im with you, i cannot camp on the ground anymore, my body will not permit it! I would enjoy Glamping to switch things up abit, but to be honest, camping in a fifth wheeler or having a 38ft trailer parked on a gorgeous lot...with the view of a serene lake...appeals to me!!

  3. Oh, this is my kind of camping too! We could camp side by side. I would sacrifice myself for you friend.

    Ha! Cute photos.


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