Sunday, August 30, 2009

Momma Mia!

Today was a wonderful Sunday. We slept in, went furniture shopping (a new sofa and love seat are on the list), relaxed in front of the TV and enjoyed a special little treat - my ds made pizza from scratch for dinner!

One of his friends is Italian and his parents often make up wonderful homemade pizza so he asked them for the recipe. Not only did he get the recipe but his buddy even came by to help him out!

I was a little hesitant at first to have two 16-year-old guys making a mess in my kitchen, but, despite all the joking around, they actually kept it fairly neat.

They made up the crust...

added some spices and toppings...

put on lots of cheese...

and Momma Mia! Now thatsa pizza!

We ended up with two great tasting pizzas - one veggie and one meat lovers. Along with a nice Caesar salad, we enjoyed a wonderful meal. It was great having Spencer do the cooking and he really enjoyed the challenge. I wonder what will be on the menu next week?


  1. Oh yummy! That looks delicious. Tell Spencer if he wants to practice his skills, he can come and use my kitchen anytime.

  2. I'm hungry!!! Great job guys!


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