Monday, December 19, 2011

Counting the Gifts

"Oh come Divine Messiah! The world in silence waits the day!"

#251. the 4th week of Advent and continuing to journey to Bethlehem

#252. the wonderful smell of Christmas baking!

#253. snow hugging bare tree limbs - transforming a grey world into a Winter wonderland

#254. working on handmade Christmas gifts - knowing they are not perfect, but made with love!

#255. making Mr B's favorite Christmas cookies (Gumdrop Cookies) using a recipe from his Mom and watching him enjoy a taste of his childhood

#256. looking forward to being with my family on Christmas

#257. good news concerning a friend's health

#258. watching a movie with Mr B that we both enjoyed!

#259. Christmas shopping with Spencer and finding the perfect gifts for the people on our list

#260. hearing people say "Merry Christmas" instead of happy holidays

#261. knowing that Jesus will fill the place in my heart that I have prepared for Him

What are you most thankful for during this special time of year?

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