Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Nolan

My niece's baby, Nolan, is 8 months old now and what a cutie he is! Here are a couple of photos from our recent trip home :)

Here he is sporting his reindeer jammies - I am not sure if he is impressed with them or not! (Actually he looks a little like a reindeer in the headlights!)

And here he is doing what he does best - biting on anything he can get his hands on! He is going through that wonderful teething stage so he chews on everything and drools like crazy. He already has 6 teeth with more on the way.

He is a wonderfully good-natured little boy and he has brought such joy to our family. I love watching him grow and seeing his personality develop and I love seeing how much his mom loves him and delights in him constantly!

"A child is the greatest joy, the ultimate blessing!" Emily Laughton


  1. He is getting so big! And is such a cuttie pie!

  2. Holy smokes, 8 months? Where does the time go! He is totaly cute!

  3. He is adorable. I will have to get my butt across that border and meet him in person. I love his little reindeer outfit.


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