Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inspiration Elevator August 2013

Welcome to our August Inspiration Elevator challenge. Each month our group is challenged to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. Be sure to check out our Inspiration Elevator Blog, to see all of our previous challenges.

This month, the very creatively-minded Christa issued the challenge and here's what she wrote:

"Part of growth is learning new techniques. And I do mean NEW. Sometimes we are afraid to try something or get in a rut... but for the August reveal I am asking that you find a technique WITH a video and include the link in your post. Learn something new. Share where you learned it and then share what you learned and your creation. I hope this is challenging for you... it might take some time to think about!"

Wow!  This challenge took me a while to embrace!  I had to really do some thinking and researching before I found a technique that I wanted to use.  But in the end, I had so much fun with what I tried and I am so thankful for this challenge!!

I have always admired the mixed media canvas art that I have seen on different blogs, so that is the direction this challenge took me in.  I have especially admired Christy Tomlinson's She Art and it was one of her video's that inspired me to give a canvas creation a try.  The link to Christy's video can be found HERE.  It is a 22 minute video and I am sure I watched the whole thing at least a couple of times.

One thing I found out was that, step-by-step, making a mixed media canvas was not as hard as I thought it would be.  I needed a couple of special products, like Mod Podge and paint, but otherwise it was just a matter of diving in!

Here is my first canvas.

I basically started by applying Mod Podge to my canvas, adding a couple of different pieces of pattern paper to create my background and then adding more Mod Podge. When that dried, I added some paint to the surface to give it more color.

Then I continued applying other bits and pieces using the Mod Podge.  Most of the shapes - flowers, bird, fence, quote - were cut out of pattern paper from DCWV.

Then I added some texture paste using a cloud stencil and small dot stencil.  When that dried, I was free to add some (very old!) rub-ons I had in my stash, some clear dew drops, my signature button and last, but not least, some doodling!

The doodling really took me out of my comfort level.  I was so afraid to make a mistake and ruin everything!  But once I got started, it was really fun!  I didn't go too crazy with the doodles, but I had fun working outside the lines for a change :)  As a finishing touch, I splattered some white paint over my design.

I had so much fun with this canvas, that I made a second one!  (I know - pretty crazy!)

I decided to experiment with combining a few more pattern papers on the background - at least 5 different ones.  (Yes, I was feeling pretty brave! lol)  Then, I cut the pieces for the house and I added lots of doodling to it for all the details.

From there it was more texture paste clouds (love them!), a quote I printed on the computer, some stamping with white paint, rub-ons, paint splatters, and dew drops.

I LOVE these little canvases and I thank Christa and Inspiration Elevator for giving me the push to give them a try!  I see lots more of these little works of art in my future!

Now I hope you will stop by and see what the rest of the incredible Inspiration Elevator designers have created for this challenge.  I am sure we will all be inspired by their creativity.

If you feel inspired to play along with Christa's challenge this month, please share it using the linky tool on our Inspiration Elevator Blog and/or on our Inspiration Elevator Facebook page.  We'd love to see what you made!


  1. AMAZING job!!!! WOW!!! I have some of the She-Art products because I intended to make a canvas..but never have...I just might do it now...

  2. Fantastic job on this card! So, so pretty! Love all the texture!

  3. These are stunning stunning! I am in love! What an amazing journey for you!

  4. seriously the colors, the rocked this challenge!

  5. Wow so pretty, I have always admired these canvases but hesitated to try - I think you sold me!

  6. These turned out amazing!! Love that paper pack for this type of project too - they just seem to go hand in hand! Look out, though - this artform is addictive! :)

  7. WOW!! Your canvases are gorgeous Joanne!!!

  8. I love your canvasses Joanne.

  9. Thank you for your lovely comments...and no, I didn't get an e-mail from you. Did you send it to

  10. Your canvases are wonderful, Joanne, and even if it felt like they were taking you out of your comfort zone, your end product is so you, with the buttons and sweet design. Great pieces!

  11. O.M.G. I love these. Like seriously love love these. If I ever have time to craft again I'm totally going to try've convinced me to give it a go.


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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